Alfa Folder Locker

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Alfa Folder Locker , Secure your folder with password against open, copy, move and delete.

Features :

1- 'Alfa Folder Locker' is a small free software to lock any folder with password.
The folder will be secured by the password against open, copy, move, and delete.

2- The locking process is so fast " less that 1 sec " and all data will be secured even if you check the show hidden files on your system.

3- You can protect any number of folders by different passwords.

4- Even if you install new windows the folder will still be locked by your password.

5- The program has integrated context menu, so you can easily lock or unlock any folder by right click it

6- The program is easy to use and has a friendly user interface.

7- Operating System Supported : microsoft windows (98 , xp , 2003 , vista , seven , and windows 8"

8- The setup is easy and the program can be used as a standalone by using the application file.

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Alfa Autorun Killer 3.0.7

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Alfa Autorun Killer 3.0 , the latest version of the famous software that helped millions of people around the world protecting their USB flash Memories and their PCs from the dangerous viruses.

Features : ( 28 New )

1-Scanning ,and clean (or at least try to clean) system infection by autorun threats including viruses,worms,and adwares.
2- Scanning hard disk partitions and removable disk for autorun threats and neutralize it.
3- The ability to remove the infected files to recycle bin to restore it on error, or peremptory delete it.
4- detect known -by autorun threats database- and unknown autorun threats. (New)
5- Scanning registry for autorun threats entries and neutralize it.(New turbo search)
6- Fixing the infected registry by the autorun and reset it, such as task manager , registry editor , show hidden files , ..... etc.(New)
7- Reset the infected services the some threats stop it for stealth.(New)
8- Unlocking the infected files if locked to delete it on fly. (New)
9- Updatable autorun threats database online to detect new threats - or by user- . (New)
10- Immunize your system against autorun threats by three levels.(New)
11- Immunize your hard disk or removable disk against autorun threats. (New)
12- Support Fat,Fat32,NTFS,EXT format. (New)
13- Support Windows NT , Windows 2000,Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2007,Windows Vista,and· Windows 7. (New)
14- Auto detect plugged and unplugged disks.(New)
15- Auto Scan any plugged disk.(New)
16- Right click context menu for each disk for protection, remove protection, or scan.(New)
17 - Full report for the computer and the disk status.(New)
18 - Auto update the threats database on startup .(New)
19 - Smart comparison system files by size and binary data .(New)
20- Tray icon style with right click context menu for fast options.(New)
21- Detect win32-Xorer virus , and fake folder worms , and reset the folder status.(New)
22 - Auto update - or by user - the scan engine.(New)
23- Tray icon massage style, to notify the user for update,threats, and the program status.(New)
24- Auto detect the disk type and disk status. (New)
25- More the 21 methods for analyze the autorun files (New)
26- Search and destroy feature ((for advanced users)) to find files by the same binary data for suspicious files, with built in· file unlocker to unlock and access locked files. (New)
27- Processes Manager model ((for advanced users)) to control system processes, with the ability to detect the real name and the real path of the running process even if it have a system mask.(New)
28- Services Manger model ((for advanced users))· to control the system services on fly (Enable,Disable, and the run way). (New)
29- Startup Manager model ((for advanced users))· to control the startup programs (Stop,Add new, Remove,..) with the startup folders or registry keys for the current user or all users. (New)
30- Program control panel to control the program behavior.(New)
31 - Auto start the program option for maximum protection. (New)

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Latest autorun viruses database

The latest autorun viruses

" based on Kaspersky laboratory "

1) Email-Worm.Win32.NetSky.q
[ Virus Encyclopedia ]
This worm spreads via the Internet as an attachment to infected messages. It is also able to propagate via P2P networks and accessible http and ftp directories. The worm's main component is a PE EXE file of approximately 29KB. The worm is packed using FSG; the unpacked file is approximately 40KB...

2) Email-Worm.Win32.Sobig.f
[ Virus Encyclopedia ]
Sobig.f is a worm spreading via the Internet as a file attached to infected emails. The Sobig.f worm also spreads through shared network resources. The worm itself is a Windows PE EXE file that is written in Microsoft Visual C++ and is compressed by the TeLock utility. Its file sizes are...



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